We are a full-service social media agency. Helping you turn online followers into real life customers.

Just Picture it...

No more having to worry about posting - sit back, relax, and enjoy having one less thing on your plate!

A team that communicates with you, at your side. We have the marketing experience and case studies to prove it.

Reporting at the ready. You will have access to the numbers & the details. We will take a look at what is working and build upon it and make changes when we see opportunities for growth.

Weekly content reviews and communication to help your account work harder for you.

Benefits of social media marketing LAs Vegas Small Business
Benefits of social media marketing LAs Vegas Small Business

Boutique Agency Advantage

Flawless branding that seamlessly extends to the realm of social media is no serendipitous feat. It’s an art forged through deliberate efforts, time-honored strategies, and a dash of brilliance. And guess what? We happen to be the trifecta that possesses this alchemy.

Crafting a captivating social presence doesn't commence with a lucky roll of the dice; it starts with an in-depth understanding of your brand's essence. We firmly believe in the tailored approach – no cookie-cutter solutions here. Every client is unique, and we invest the time to uncover the bespoke strategy that perfectly aligns with your brand DNA. When we step into the world of social media on your behalf, we're not just posting; we're embodying your brand's voice.

Speaking of voices, we've found our harmony resonates most beautifully with brands catering to women. From our experience, it's not just about what you offer; it's about how you offer it. We've danced gracefully within the realms of beauty businesses and the med spa industry, becoming fluent in the language of IVs, injectables, and radiant skin. This fluency allows us to hit the ground running, transforming your complex services into compelling stories without missing a beat.

So, whether you're venturing into the vast expanse of social media or seeking to elevate your existing presence, we're the secret ingredient to your success. With Tyche Digital Agency, your brand shines brightly across every pixel, crafting an online narrative that's uniquely yours.

Content Plan & Strategy

Okay, It's time. Time to get back your time. Either you're tryin to tackle social or you're letting your assistant tackle it in their spare time. Leave it to the pros! Every strategy is different and is dependent on your goals & dreams. So let us help you get there. We don't create one strategy and leave it be, it evolves and grows along with your business!

Design & Captions

Oh, yes - this is where the magic comes in! We create scroll-stopping designs that make your community want to stop and read our converting captions - We can't think of a more perfect pair!

Social Media Management

When your community is taken care of , that is when things really thrive. We take care of the scheduling, engagement, and everything in between.

Social Media Management

Whether you need help with planning the right kinds of campaigns for your social media accounts or need to establish a general social media strategy in the first place, We will work closely with you to identify how we can scale your social media activities to a whole new level.


• Audit of current social media activities
• Hashtag and strategy research
• Developing a personal strategy
• Content creation (including editing & social media graphics)
• Publishing content on Instagram & Facebook
• Community management

Add ons

• Daily engagement to grow your account
• Facebook Group management
• Blog post writing
• Newsletter creation
• Guide/Freebie creation
• Graphic design


The initial contract is always for 3 months – this way, we can monitor together that we achieve the desired results. After the initial contract period, we continue on a monthly basis.


At Tyche Digital Agency, we provide personalized pricing based on the unique demands and expectations of each project. Our starting rate for SMM Packages is $1,000, serving as a foundation for tailored solutions that align with your vision and budget.